"Working on set with Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman, Trueblood) great guy great times!"  #warnerbros #trueblood #movies #films


New Screen Caps from the Giver Music Video-Jake Bugg

Anonymous: I don't care about the Bill/Sookie crap because I DON'T CARE ABOUT BILL OR SOOKIE. So I don't talk about them or think about them or write about them. I do love Eric, and it is super embarrassing to have other Eric fans act like such insane people. Everyone thinks you're all crazy.




And just who is this “everyone” you speak of? I assume you and your little gaggle of friends.  Fine, you don’t care  about Bill or Sookie and you don’t want to talk about them, that’s your prerogative, but I do…many of us do, because it sends a horrible message to send an abused girl back to her abusive boyfriend. I think it sends a horrible message to make them both human so they can be “normal”, especially on a show about supernaturals and one which was an allegory for our own society and the differences of people.  You don’t care, great.  I’m not sending you hateful, bullying anonymous messages telling you what to think and what  to say or not say. I’m not telling you how you should watch the show. You can ignore everything you watch except for Eric, goody for you.  You can go ahead and love Eric the way you want and I’ll love him the way I want.  I don’t represent you. I don’t owe you anything.

Now really, go away. 

Ahahahaha! Oh, man, some raw nerves have been touched somewhere.

"I don’t care about this stuff you talk and care about so I insist you stop caring and talking about it, because I am EVERYONE and EVERYONE thinks you are crazy!"

Is it me, or are these anons getting frothier at the mouth? Their “NOT CARING” is reaching a fever pitch. They might hurt themselves with all that not caring. 


I know. Who knew that out of the thousands and thousands of Eric fans that just a few of us are embarrassing the whole bunch. I might feel like Bill Compton and bask in the POWER if I didn’t think he were such an asshole, so we can’t have that. :)

Oh well, one follower down. The rest of them will get a respite as I put my crazy ass to bed. Hmmm, maybe a few more pretty pictures of Eric. :)

Woww… what is going on with all the anon hate lately!? It’s getting ridiculous. Sorry you all are having to deal with it. I just love how they’re saying “you’re crazy!” when they’re the ones coming at you all psycho with hate. That sounds a bit crazy if you ask me but okay then. 



spoiler stuff

Oh god….

I was really hoping something was going to come out to make me feel better about these recent spoilers and that this person is just trolling us but UGH. So far that’s not happening and it’s really having me worried. 

While I obviously don’t want any of the Bill stuff to happen and I most certainly do not want Bill and Sookie to be endgame…. it’s the Eric stuff that has me scared. :/ 

TARZAN, starring Alexander Skarsgård, begins filming today


David Yates, best known for directing that last four installments of the Harry Potter series, begins principal photography on the live action version of the classic Tarzan. The cast boosts an impressive assortment of actors. Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) will play the title character; Wolf…